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Company history « АКФPKF Sapa - Audit»

AKF Sapa-Audit LLP is one of the leading auditing firms of Kazakhstan.

About us

AKF Sapa-Audit LLP was established in 1998. The Company is headed by Kulbarshyn Berkutovna Bazarbekova, an independent auditor, Qualification Certificate № 380, a member of the Council of the Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In March, 2009, AKF Sapa-Audit LLP concluded a license agreement with the international network of independent firms, members of PKF International, and so it became a full member of the international network of professional auditing firms.

PKF INTERNATIONAL – is an international association of independent auditors and consultants. The worldwide network of member firms of PKF International consists of 300 organizations where 21 500 auditors and specialists are employed. The member firms of PKF International are located in more than 125 countries of the world. Currently, PKF International is among the world’s top ten major auditing firms.

All the member companies of PKF International carry out their activities with due care and diligence and in compliance with the high professional ethic standards. These standards shall be complied with in the course of the works under each particular agreement or contract with a client. By this is meant and implied a complete independence, objectivity, competency, adequacy, full disclosure of essential factors making effect on the obtained data, opinions and conclusions, protection of confidentiality of the submitted financial data during performance of each task. Moreover, all the works performed by the member companies of PKF International are subject to the independent international quality control evaluation.

In June, 2009, Sapa-Audit LLP was re-registered and renamed into AKF Sapa-Audit LLP.

Sapa-Esep LLP  is a partner of  AKF Sapa-Audit LLP rendering the services connected with maintenance and reconstruction of financial  and tax accounting for  legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.