Tax Accounting Outsourcing

Outsourcing  (outer-source-using) means the use of outside source/ resource – placement by a company of the orders for performance of particular operational functions and business processes with other companies specializing in such functions and processes under contracts concluded between them.  

AKF Sapa-Audit LLP has many years’ experience in provision of tax accounting outsourcing services. Many companies in Kazakhstan have duly appreciated the advantages of tax outsourcing.  

  • Timely submission of tax reports and time preparation of tax registers/ ledgers;  
  • Revelation of errors, or events of infringement or breach of the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the stage of preparation of tax reporting;
  • Timely processing of tax notices according to the results of in-office, counter and other tax inspections and audits;  
  • Defense of Tax Declarations during complex tax audits and inspections;
  • Absence or insignificance of tax accruals  according to the results of tax audits and inspections;

Timely provision of information about any changes in the requirements of the tax legislation.