Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Many years’ experience of AKF Sapa-Audit LLP in provision of consulting services is an evidence of a high level of our specialists’ qualification.  

AKF Sapa-Audit LLP is a member of the PKF International Network, which ensures continuity of the world practice in consulting services. A deep knowledge of business of enterprises in widely differing sectors and of different legal forms will allow us to use individual complex approach to solving the tasks and problems of every client. Based and relying upon its profound knowledge of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), method and principles of business accounting, financial matters, risk management, regulatory legal compliance and matters concerning core activities and personnel management, AKF Sapa-Audit LLP will help you to improve your company performance through enhancement of efficiency of core areas of your business.  . 

Within the framework of consultancy, AKF Sapa-Audit LLP will provide the following consulting services:

  • Round Table on Consulting Services

Provision and sharing of information about all the changes or amendments to be introduced into the tax legislation, or regulatory legal acts regulating business accounting and financial reporting. The round table events will be held twice a month where their participant will be provided with handouts.  

  • Written Advices
  • Verbal Advices

Services of Consulting in Taxation

The tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan is rather vast, it contains a lot of discrepancies and contradictions, undergoes every year a hundred or more legislative changes and often does not give any unambiguous answers to the questions concerning tax accounting and calculation of amounts of particular taxes. AKF Sapa-Audit LLP has highly qualified tax consultants who know all the angles of the frequently changed legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. They also offer to clients the consultations on the practices of settlement of tax disputes and on position of the tax authorities on different matters and issues.  

AKF Sapa-Audit LLP provides support and assistance in the matters of taxation in different formats – from one-time written and verbal advices to full subscription services for a long period of time in the following areas:

  • – On the matters of calculation and payment of all types of taxes and dues;
  • – On the matters of charging and collection of customs duties and payments;
  • – On the matters of transfer pricing;
  • – On the matters of currency control and regulation (as concerns the maintenance of business and tax accounting);

Moreover, we have a great experience in consulting on the matters of business accounting and financial reporting in compliance with the IFRS/ NFRS, and on other matters with which accountants are faced in the course of their work.