Legal maintenance

Legal maintenance

Dear Sirs or Mesdames,

We are happy to inform you of the expanded line of activities of our company and operation of a legal department aimed at provision of legal assistance for your business.

Legal services are currently an integral part of a stable business. Provision of a solid legal framework for any kind of activity is an essential element of the company’s strategic planning. 

            Our team of qualified lawyers is ready to provide your business with legal assistance and ensure high-quality and prompt approaches in solution of any issues arising.

We offer a wide range of legal services required during the entire life of any business – from registration of a legal entity and full support in a form of a monthly legal support (preparing draft documents, making and analyzing civil law contracts, obtaining permits, assessing potential risks, settling disputes out-of-court, etc.) to dissolution/suspension of operations, if required.

A monthly subscription includes:

  • legal advice in a form of verbal or written responses to the questions about correct application of laws;
  • making civil law contracts, employment agreements and amendments thereto;
  • conducting a legal analysis of any submitted documents, including contracts and agreements;
  • developing and implementing contractual schemes, which are the most favourable for the Customer;
  • analyzing and assessing potential legal risks of executed contracts, including legal support in signing such contracts;
  • participating in negotiations with the Customer’s partners in order to establish partner relationships, signing a contract, agreeing the essential terms and conditions;
  • making internal corporate documents according to the Customer’s organizational structure;
  • making documents for the Customer as required by the labour legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • making standard legal instruments related to the Customer’s activities (amending the existing ones); and
  • giving a qualified legal opinion on potential civil law contracts and legal relations planned by the Customer, etc.

We would like to note that the monthly subscription has the following benefits:

  • no liabilities to pay taxes or make other mandatory payments to the budget on the salary of an internal lawyer;
  • attributing the amounts paid under a relevant agreement to legal services, to deductions in order to reduce a tax base;
  • no employment obligations to a lawyer as an employee as required by the labour legislation;
  • making payments for an actually completed scope of work and therefore saving costs with improved efficiency of use of funds saved;
  • equality of parties to legal relations and no risk of any challenges in employee’s dismissal in accordance with the labour legislation; and
  • long-term and stable nature of legal relations
  • In addition, AKF Sapa-Audit is ready to provide legal services to address certain issues, including, but not limited to:

    • legal support in registration/reregistration/dissolution of a legal entity;
    • preparing constituent documents;
    • obtaining permits to engage foreign employees;
    • solving issues associated with intellectual property facilities;
    • supporting registration of a trademark in Kazakhstan;
    • preparing a legal opinion on relevant tasks;
    • conducting a legal audit;
    • settling disputes out-of-court;
    • representing your company before court, etc.

We are ready to provide your company with qualified and professional legal assistance and guarantee high quality level of the services provided.