Related Services

Related Services

Related services involve agreed-upon procedures and compilation.

Agreed-upon Procedures

Performance of agreed-upon procedures means the performance of audit procedures agreed upon between an auditor and a client having concluded a Related Services Agreement.

The purpose of performance of the agreed-upon procedures is to submit to a client the report containing the information, data and facts interested to the client and intended to be obtained during performance of such agreed-upon procedures.  

AKF Sapa-Audit LLP usually concludes agreements on the following agreed-upon procedures:  

  • Check and verification of a company tax records for compliance thereof with the tax legislation, and performance of a tax audit; 
  • Check and verification the forms of the Corporate Income Tax Declaration for correctness and accuracy of filling-in thereof; 
  • Tax audit (tax inspection);
  • Check and verification of business accounting records for compliance thereof with the legislation (with the requirements of the National Organization for Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards, and (or) the International Financial Reporting Standards);
  • Assessment of risks for a company in connection with acquisition by it of another company.

According to the results of performance of agreed-upon procedures, a client will be provided with an Actual Findings Report on which basis the Repot users will be able to evaluate the results of the performed procedures and the facts presented in the Report, and to draw their own conclusions based on the work performed by the auditor. The Report shall only be submitted to the parties which have agreed upon the performance of such procedures.

Tax Audit is an independent check and verification of a company’s business and tax accounting records for: 

  • Correctness and accuracy of the tax assessment base identification for each type of taxes, calculation and payment of taxes and dues for every particular period of time;
  • Identification of the status of settlements with the budget and non-budget funds;  
  • Compliance of the business and tax accounting systems with the requirements of the applicable legislation.

Tax Audit Purpose is an expert examination, study and analysis of errors and irregularities revealed in the business and tax accounting systems and adoption of measures for elimination of such errors and irregularities. 

Performance of a tax audit will allow a company to:

  • Obtain the information on existing risks and the methods of minimization thereof;   
  • Avoid any penalty charging;  
  • Optimize a tax load.


Upon conclusion of a Compilation Agreement, the auditor will be engaged as a professional accountant. Using his/her more profound knowledge of business accounting methods and principles, the auditor, subject to and depending upon a type of services, will collect, classify and generalize a financial information. Users of the compiled financial information will benefit to a certain extent from the auditor’s work, because the services are provided by the auditor with due care and diligence and in a professional manner.

AKF Sapa-Audit LLP offers the following compilation services:

  • Restatement/transformation of financial statements due to the transition to the IFRS;
  • Drafting of the document – Accounting Policy;
  • Drafting of the document – Tax Accounting Policy.