Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

We are glad to welcome you to the web-site of AKF Sapa–Audit.

AKF Sapa-Audit is one of the leading auditing companies.

AKF Sapa-Audit is an association of highly qualified, professional and certified auditors, specialists in financial and tax accounting, accountants, economists, management consulting specialists and tax specialists. We will be happy to help and assist you in performance of an audit and in provision of consulting services.   

Over the period of 19 years we have gained a unique experience in performance of audits, in holding of seminars, conferences, round-table discussions, and in provision of consulting services for specialists in different sectors.   

We believe that we are making our contribution to development of business in Kazakhstan by provision of professional audit and consulting services.  

On 27 March 2009 Sapa-Audit LLP company entered into license agreement with PKF International there through it became a full-fledged member of International accounting network

The PKF’s family consists of over 400 offices, operating in 150 countries across five regions.

We specialise in providing high quality audit, accounting, tax, and business advisory solutions to international and domestic organisations in all our markets.